Polaris MRZR 4 – All-terrain vehicle

This ultralight all-terrain vehicle proved to be highly successful. It is used by the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), US Marine Corps as well as by special forces from a number of other countries, including Turkmenistan.

Furthermore there is a trend that conventional forces also acquire small, mobile and versatile all-terrain vehicles like these.

These ultralight vehicles were designed for expeditionary forces and provide foot soldiers ability to move much faster. These all-terrain vehicles are deployed in the forward areas.

The MRZRs lack armor, but rely of their speed and high off-road mobility in order to avoid contact with enemy. They can operate on off-road routes, that are not accessible to enemy vehicles. The MRZRs can be seen as fast off-road mules.

Polaris Defense MRZR-D4 – Polaris Off Road Vehicles:

The baseline MRZR 4 accommodates driver and three passengers. There are anti-roll bars that protect the crew in case the vehicle rolls over. These protective bars can be folded down in order to reduce overall height of the vehicle. A light canvas cover is optional.

The MRZR 4 is an extremely versatile vehicle. It can be quickly customized for different missions, such as supply and personnel transport, or casualty evacuation.

A small cargo area at the rear, that can be used to carry crew equipment, as well as as various supplies, such as ammunition, water and fuel.

In case of emergency extra passengers can be carried in the cargo area. The cargo area can be quickly configured to carry two litters. Two rearward facing seats are proposed as an option.

The MRZR 4 has a payload capacity of 680 kg, opposed to 454 kg of the previous MRZR 2. It can also tow a special off-road trailer, which gives the vehicle an additional 454 kg payload capacity.

This all-terrain vehicle can be fitted with various wᴇᴀᴘoɴs, such as 5.56 and 7.62 mm machine ԍuɴs, or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. Essentially the MRZR 4 can be used for fast attack role.

This tactical vehicle is powered by a 3-cylinder 875 cc Polaris ProStar 900 petrol engine, developing 88 hp. It is manufactured by Navistar International. There is also a version, the MRZR D4, powered by a Kohler turbocharged diesel engine. Engine is mated to an automatic continuous variable transmission system.

Vehicle has a selectable all-wheel drive. Though normally it uses a 2 wheel drive system. A recovery winch is fitted as standard. It can be used for self-recovery and recovery of other vehicles.

The Polaris MRZR 4 can be airlifted internally by CH-47 Chinook or CH-53 helicopters, V-22 Osprey tiltrotor transport or C-130 Hercules tactical transport aircraft.


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